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Today was my day to go for our regular church cleaning. I was so tired, but somehow I managed to get out of bed. Oh my goodness, it is already 6:45am, and I am supposed to be in church by 6:30. What do I do? Take a bath and then wear some decent clothes? Nah that would take too long.

I’ll just throw on some clothes and once I’m done head straight home. It sounded like a perfect plan. Execution begins. I am ready. I got an okada to drop me off at Mushin and then took a bus to Yaba and then the final bus to my destination. It is almost 10 minutes after 7am. I can still make it; afterall I approached the day with an optimistic mindset.

At this point a man calls out to me, “omo e le ran,no push me o jare!”.Which being translated in the English language is “meat seller, don’t push me” Whaaaaat!!!!!!! I glanced down at the clothes of which I am convinced holds more prestige than what I was just called. To my amazement, I discover that my t-shirt is worn the right side up, as if that is not bad enough, I am still in awe, because I cannot for the life of me explain how I got all the way to Mushin with only one leg of my bathroom slippers…..


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Posted by Editor on June 17, 2011.

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