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After my 6 day journey to the Gold Coast, I was totally exhausted. I’d have to admit, the trip was absolutely uplifting. I did a lot of soul searching and I really had a great time. However, when you do come out of that realm, the body begins to remind you that you probably overworked it. So at the point, I was so looking forward to having a cold shower, get some food in my tummy and head straight to bed once I got home.

Alas, the first thing that hit me once I stepped into the shores of Nigeria was the traffic. Okay, I am going to keep my cool and put up with it, because there is nothing I could do anyway. After 2 hours of honking and screaming at selfish and careless motorist on the road. I finally reach my house. At least I am home. I start to pile my stuff out of the car, working out in my head the series of chores I’m going to be doing for the next three hours

I call out “Grandpa, are you there?” I figure, he is probably gone out visiting. So I guess I only have to bother about filling one tummy….mine! So I am thinking, it is best I start with the cooking. I head for the kitchen and…ahhaaaa! THERE IS A LIZARD in the sink!!! He looks up at me as if to say “Hi Sally, I’m here for my meal too”. Talk about a day going upside down.


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Posted by Sally on June 14, 2011.

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