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Going core #7

Core Quality 7) Practice accountability Adewunmi Seyi

Network Marketing is a business of relationships, and relationships operate on trust. To earn and maintain that trust, you must be accountable. You can never tell a lie to your distributors or customers and be accountable. Accountability also means that when you write checks, they’re good; when you promise to work with someone, you follow through; and when you commit to attend an event, you’re there – on time. Accountability means that when we have a product display with 24 products, there will still be 24 products at the end of the night. It means never approaching someone else’s prospect or attempting to steal distributors from another line. You create the culture of your organization. If you do it right, it will mean you can hold a function and 800 women can leave heir purses on their chairs, come back, and find everything exactly as they left it!

culled from networkmarketingtimes

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Posted by Zoe on January 31, 2007.

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