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amara said in November 20th, 2006 at 6:15 pm    

How true JOjO and you know what, one day on our journey in this networkmarketing biz, you will prove it. I’ll share an experience. I had spent so much time efort and resourse trying to get this new customer , to use my product (NONI) that he had already bought. Well, he finally did and fell in love with Noni. WE dicided he should sign up and at least get the product cheaper only to come back and he tells me he has registered with an old friend who he couldnt say no to. what do I do, storm out, cut off from him or what? well to prove that I care, I told him that I am happy he has found the great benefit in this product and that I feel really honored that it was me who introduced it to him. I kept the relationship and do you know what it has yielded, more and more refferals from him. Infact I met another from him today. they buymy product and are in the biz. It really and trully pays to CARE. Thanks for the post.

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