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Fresher’s guide

To my fresher colleagues – especially the ‘Jambites’ and ‘Diplomats’ I would recommend that you safeguard your health, ‘cause student life on the University campus is quite different from your high school experiences. University life leaves you vulnerable to numerous illness and conditions, ranging from homesickness (as a result of leaving home, parents, loved ones or probably as a result of change of environment and or climatic conditions) to emotional stress, work overload, examination stress and fever etc.
It is essential you bear certain questions at the back of your mind, such as:
Why am I here on this campus? What brought me here? What do I stand to gain or achieve on this campus? Answer to these questions can only be provided by one person and one person alone. That one person is nobody else but ‘YOU’ and ‘YOU ALONE’. Your answer to the above questions determines how well you will fare on campus and what grades you will come out with.

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Posted by Ogoo on October 17, 2006.

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