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Eric Carlos said in September 5th, 2006 at 1:59 am    

Hi Steve,
I am also a network marketer, also connected to the Honey Fountain Group. I just learned recently of the “Honey Party” system too.
I commend you for following a proven system provided by champions, made for champions in Nigeria. You mentioned that some people did not come when you invited them with the Honey Party Cards. The time is not right for them. How can this be called “rejection”, when what’s happening is they are not loving their own dream? The nay sayers out there have no right to give an opinion about something they have not even begun to realize – which is the dream of time and financial freedom! Keep on learning and being a student of the network marketing and personal self development industry. BELIEVE that you ARE a CHAMPION ! Believe first, and it will come, even though you cannot right now physically see with your own eyes.
Take Charge!!
Eric Carlos, Friend of the Honey Fountain Group

Steve said in September 6th, 2006 at 11:38 pm    

Hi Eric,
Thanks for the encouragement. It was timely. Guess what? The very next Honey Party we had was worse as nobody showed up but, as usual, we were encouraged by the Honey Fountain Group not to give up. We are more than fired up to climb the ladder cause we know that we will get to the top no matter the number of obstacles on the road. These hurdles are meant to be scaled and the obstacles will serve as stepping stones to our goal – financial freedom.
Hope to meet you in March 2007 at the TNI get together in Las Vegas with The Honey Fountain Group and colleaues of IVEN – Innovative Entrepreneurs Network owners of

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