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Can I be my own boss? #2

Can I be my own boss?

You will recall that I have started a new series on the be your own boss category called; Can I be my own boss? This series is to help all my friends wo feel that they wanna take the bull by the horn stay there till they reach thier goal of financial freedom. This is also to help you do it the right way. Well hope you enjoy this next episode:  

4. Are you flexible and can you adapt quickly to changing circumstances?
This is another of the traits that we entrepreneurs themselves rank very highly when asked which traits were most important to our success so far.

5.You must be good at both short-range and long-term planning.
 This goes hand-in-hand with being your own boss; bosses have to plan, and you need to be good at it if you’re going to start a business. It’s all part of managing your new business. According to Statistics Canada, most businesses fail because of weak general management or weak financial management – and a considerable pecentage of the small businesses started in this country don’t survive more than two years.

6. Are you a risk taker or a wild risk taker?
Well thereis adifference between a risk taker and a wide risk taker. There’s a perception that successful entrepreneurs are wild risk-takers, always on the lookout for new wilder risks to take. But actually, successful entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for opportunities with acceptable risks – that is, risks that can be mitigated or managed.


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Posted by steve on July 1, 2006.

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