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Mayowa Abe said in October 28th, 2006 at 12:38 am    

I did the most regretable thing taking my American trained doctor fiancee on my trip to Lagos to LUTH. She was aghast that medicine was being taught and practiced at this once esteemed institution. Even when I graduated in ’95 I was told by alumni that it was a ghost of its former self. I just shudder to think what it is has become now. At a recent wedding of my classmate at least 40 of my contempories i.e a set above and below were in attendance all living in the States. Nigeria doesn’t have medical personal issues it is just simply institutional decay.

stella ojeabulu R,N said in January 7th, 2007 at 6:44 pm    

dear Mayowa Abe,i was a student in Luth from 1979-1982 at the sch of at idiaraba was good,everything was in proper place with CMUL students, it is amazing how Nigeria is supposed to see a place of learning just go down the drain .I am an icu nurse at Howard Univ Hospital in washington DC,i now own a homecare agency in Maryland,There are very intelligent doctors trained all over Nigeriapracticing in US. unfortunately Nigeria is not a country that places important things in priority.It is a pity that Idi Araba has turned to this mess .pls e mail me with the above email thanks .stella ojeabulu R.N.

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